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The Nursing Nest was born out of a passion to provide accessible, evidence-based education to the community. The mission of my practice is to provide non-judgmental and inclusive support during every stage of your infant feeding journey. I believe in evaluating the whole family dynamic, including emotional health, to create a plan that will work with your family in order to promote success and good health.

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My Background

My journey towards lactation began while pursuing a degree in Nursing. I knew I had to dedicate my career to achieving my certification as a lactation consultant. I received my RN license in 2014 and worked as a detention's nurse and then a psychiatric emergency nurse. In 2016 I gave birth to my first son and my journey with him only enhanced my desire to help others with breastfeeding. Due to his prematurity, tongue tie, my lack of knowledge and my own struggle with postpartum depression, I was unable to meet my goal of exclusive breastfeeding.

In 2018 I began working as a Mother/Baby nurse which brought me so much joy and further pushed me towards lactation. In 2019 I welcomed my second son and while our breastfeeding journey was more successful, I still was unable to meet my goal of 1 year of exclusive breastfeeding. 

It was not until 2021, when I completed my education at UCSD and earned the title of International Board-certified Lactation Consultant, that I truly understood the many complexities of breastfeeding and finally accepted the successes I had with breastfeeding my own children and let go of my perceived failure.  

With the support and encouragement of my husband and family, The Nursing Nest was created as a means to empower, educate and guide families in my community, and I will do so with respect, honesty and integrity. 

In between caring for your families and managing a (noisy) household, I enjoy spending time with my boys' exploring parks, visiting the zoo or the beach, riding bikes or watching them dig in the dirt. I love to go paddle boarding and our dream is to one day buy an RV and camp across the country as I was able to do with my family growing up.

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I love making new connections and am happy to answer any questions! Let's connect!

(951) 594-8361

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